Quote of the Day:

“What are you up to?”

“Nothing, just working in the dark.”

“The power’s out?”

“LOL – No…I’m online? ;).”
(From an MSN conversation with JoJo 🙂 :).

Song of the Day:

Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys.

What I’m Reading:

Never Change, Elizabeth Berg


Workout: Weights (Legs), Abs and Obliques, Cardio (15 minutes, bike).

Water: Plenty – it’s hot and we’re coping without the AC.

Worked out this morning – the gym is trying it’s best to conserve energy – so all the tvs were turned off, they’re discouraging use of the hottub and steam room, and encouraging quick showers using cool water. They’re also encouraging members to use cardio equipment that doesn’t require power to operate. As far as I know, they all plug into the wall :). The workout was pretty good but I had to cut it short – with Saskia gone, I have no one on the phones at work before 8:30, which is when I’ve been arriving. I clued in that I needed to be at work earlier for the rest of the summer; this will no doubt wreak havoc on my schedule for the next couple of weeks.

You drive a MINI-VAN!

So I’m driving to work this morning and I’m stuck behind this Ford Aerostar that’s going about 40km an hour it seems and I notice the pink stripe around the base of it and the word “Sport” in pink lettering. Ummm.. since when did mini-vans become sporty?? Pleeeeaaaase. I’m convinced that people who drive mini-vans are in denial about the direction that their life has taken; ever notice how some of the fastest, most reckless drivers on the road are mini-van drivers? I watch them doing 160 down the highway and it’s llike, “Ummm… I’m sorry your resentful that you’re strapped with 2.5 kids before you’re ready and you’re bitter and all, but how bout slowing down? How about showing some responsibility and being accountable to your kids? You’re not going to do them any good if you flip your speedy van and die on the side of the road.” Morons. Mini-vans are dangerous (you can’t see around them if you are trapped behind them) and they’re annoying – the drivers either driver real fast or real slooooooow. If I ever end up stuck driving a mini-van, I might have to drive it into a brick wall :).

What’s this blog-thing?

The other night, when I read about JoJo being sent home from England via Dawn’s blog, my mother wanted to know how I found out. I tried to be sneaky and avoid the following conversation, but this is what transpired (Perhaps I need to learn to lie?):

Mom: How did you find out about Jody?

Me: *evasive* Oh, I heard about it from Dawn.

Mom: Oh, you were talking to her?

Me: Umm.. Not really. She mentioned it in her *voice muffles* blog.

Mom: In her what?

Me: *sigh* Blog.

Mom: What’s this blog-thing?

Me: Well.. it’s kind of like this journal that you publish online.

*long pause*

Mom: Well.. I don’t know what I think about that. Private things on the internet and all. Finding out terrible things about people over the internet!! (Note here the evil emphasis on the word “internet”.)

Me: *barely contained bristleness* It’s not like the WHOLE world can see it. You can only read someone’s blog if you know where to look for it.

Mom: Well. I don’t know what I think about THAT.

DAWN’s mother read HER blog and took the time to post a funny comment. MY mother won’t go near a computer – she thinks the internet might corrupt her and turn her into a horny-net-sex freak or something. If she knew I had even mentioned her, I would quite probably be disowned 🙂


…now available through Blogger! Check it out :).

The Amazing Race

We’re having an impromptu Amazing Race wrapup party here Thursday night – probably going to order some pizza and watch the finale. I’ve invited Daniel and his wife and C&E but it’s doubtful the latter will come – E is the major workaholic, pulls in long hours at the bank. But regardless, it should be fun. We have friends who taped TAR when it repeated on some other channel Sunday night, so we’ll probably be watching that tomorrow night when Tay picks it up. Woo! 🙂

3 for Thursday (on Tuesday):

(from June 12, 2003)


1. What are 3 things that romantic loves makes you feel? Desire, bliss, beauty.

2. What are 3 things about love that drives you nuts? How you sometimes can’t express exactly what you are thinking or feeling, the occasional jealousy, watching him sleep when you can’t ;).

3. What are 3 things that you love about love? It’s depth and intensity, it’s pureness, it’s security – knowing that you fit perfectly with another person.

4. What are 3 things that family/friend love that is so great? It’s reliablity – the fact that it’s unconditional, the laughter and the memories it gives.

5. What are your 3 favorite love songs (or songs that get you “in the mood for some lovin”)? Sonny Say You Will, Alannah Myles; Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye; Feelin’ Love, Paula Cole.

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