Quote of the Day:

“There is some guy sleeping on my bedroom floor.”

Song of the Day:

99 Red Balloons, Nena


Workout: Weights (Back & Shoulders), Abs & obliques, Cardio (15 minutes, stairclimber, 10 minutes, bike).

It was good to be back :).

Sunday What-If…

(taken from June 08, 2003)

if you could have witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen? Watching the broadcast of Neil Armstrong take those first steps on the moon – I can’t imagine a more spectacular universal moment of history.

And she’s back…

Jo-jo is back in Nova Scotia – she got off the plane and stepped into hell. Some psycho bitch in immigration having a bad day power tripped all over Jo-jo – and decided to not let her into England. Some of the finer things England has to offer their visitors are airport interogations and holding cells. (Please observe the dripping sarcasm when I say ‘finer’.) I just spoke with Jody – she’s pretty down. Apparently she was only allowed to see Andy for 45 minutes before they put her back on a plane home – she had to have security escort her onto the plane. (My mother said they also wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom alone either). Hearing this, my initial thoughts were that they didn’t want her just walking out of the airport but then Jo-jo reminded me that they had her passport the whole time, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Regardless, even if they felt compelled to do the whole escort thing, they could have given her a guard in plainsclothes. What a crappy thing to happen – I’m trying to imagine how I would have felt moving to BC only to be treated like a criminal and then sent back home. I think I would have lost it. I can’t even imagine how her and Andy are feeling. Poor Jo-jo :(.

Like a bug under a magnifying glass…

Jagrit turned one on the seventh; today Renu and Jai had a lunch at an Indian restaurant to celebrate. I attended with the family and there were about thirty friends and family that attended as well. All of them Indian, I was the only white person there. To say I was uncomfortable is an understatement – I sat amongst these people and endured their stares – which was unnerving in itself. So many gazes just fixed on you and then, when you meet their gaze, they just smile. It was odd… It didn’t help matters much either that they were all speaking Hindi. Renu asked me a number of times if I was okay, was I uncomfortable. I don’t think she quite understood my uneasiness. I told her at one point to imagine being in a room full of white people and having them speak English and she not being able to understand. She tried to compare being at my party to that kind of situation and I scoffed at her – I can’t imagine a more diverse group of people than the friends we hang out with. Our group includes people from South Africa, Jamaica, Romania, the Phillipines (I believe). Not to mention the fact that Elisa is Italian and Theo and Marlene are Greek. Preet was also there, not sure if he’s Indian or not, and then of course, Renu and her family. And of course, they all speak English. It’s very frustrating to be around people that don’t speak your language and it’s hard to get past the conception that it’s generally considered to be rude when people speak in front of you in a different language. I don’t feel they were being rude because I was the only exception and I certainly wouldn’t expect them to speak English based on my presence… but it’s very hard being excluded and feeling like an outsider. When I spoke with Renu this morning, she asked me if anybody had said anything about her after she left the party – she was sure they must have thought she was ‘no good’ (her words). I’m not sure what made her think that they would be like that, unless her people are like that. So that was bugging me a little bit too – what if her friends and family were talking about me? Not like I could tell what they were saying :). Anyhow, it was just an awkward situation for me and not one that I am keen on experiencing again. I told Renu today that I was there only for her and her family – I’m not sure I would have put myself in such an environment for anybody else. I guess this is one of the challenges of our friendship and something that we’ll overcome. And it’s definitely worth it :).

Party Details

Turn up the volume!

I did a head count early in the evening and came up with 28 people and then more people showed up. It was a good turnout :). I always bitch and moan about the work that goes into these parties (not to mention the expense), but then the party goes into full swing and as I sit in the midst of all our friends and seeing them smile while they’re talking and laughing makes it all worth it. It was a LOT of fun, there was lots of food, lots of alcohol and we only lost power once!! But even that was okay – we just lit a bunch of candles and continued on. Everytime we get together like this I’m reminded of what a fabulous group of people Tay and I are part of. Everyone is so kind, so genuine and so very warm. It’s the type of group where you kiss and hug hello and then goodbye. I always thought that Maritimers were the best people on earth but Hada people have proven otherwise :).

Funny moments came when…

~ We went to light the grill and nothing happened. We hadn’t barbequed since the previous summer, Tay neglected to test the barbeque that day. Good thing it was a Hada party – all these car/engine savy guys huddled around the barbeque to try and figure out the problem. Ended up stealing parts from our landlords barbeque that’s been around since we moved in. After that, it was smooth sailing :).

~ Sandra came downstairs around 11pm to inform me that there was some guy sleeping on her bedroom floor. One of our weekend guests went wandering for a quiet spot to sleep and stumbled into Sandra’s room. We removed him promptly :).

Special appearances by…

Olivia, Theo and Marlene’s new daughter – she’s 5 months old and soooo sweet. She just smiled all night and bounced from arm to arm.

Special thanks to…

– Caius for pounding avocadoes into guacamole that was to DIE for!!

– Leah for chocolate chip cookies that may just be better than my own *gasp*

– Kat for Kahula Brownies – need I say more??

– And Irene, for being the first to arrive and being one of the last to leave, and helping keep the kitchen clean in between :).

Sunday Brunch


1. Did you have a nickname as a child? If yes, have you outgrown it? My sister used to call me Tuna (I’m not sure where she got it from) and she still does occasionally. Tawn is something that is used a lot which is just Tawny shortened so not really a nickname but it’s kind of neat to hear the transition that some people make when they go from Tawny to Tawn.

2. Who was your best friend(s)?Jason and Dawn, as mentioned in a previous blog; after grade six, Sonia and then Tina.

3. Were you picked first or last for playground games? Definitely not first ;). Not last either. Kind of in-between.

4. Were you a teacher’s pet? Not consciously. But I was a good kid and I respected my elders so I think a lot of teachers favored me a bit.

5. Were you a bully or the one being bullied? I was bullied on occasion, but not all the time. As much as possible I tried to fly beneath the radar. But sometimes, you have to come up for air :).

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