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I’m such a wuss. <– Taylor's remark regarding the lack of air conditioning and the resulting heat :).

Song of the Day:

Mysterons, Portishead

The Adventures of Jo-Jo Begins

Jo-jo left for England yesterday to be with Andy – she’s moved there from Nova Scotia. So many big steps for her all at once – HUGE step in their relationship, and it’s the first time she’s been away from her family and all her friends, and she left a great job that she loved. She’s doing the right thing though and I’m glad she’s finally listening to what’s in her heart. I think for so long she didn’t want to get hurt and now she’s opening herself up, which is perfect. Now she’ll never have to wonder what-if. I’m proud of her and excited for her and I bet her and Andy are happy for a long time coming :). Hoorah!!!

We have power! 🙂

It’s been a long couple of days…

When the power went off yesterday I was running an errand for work – I had to drop off some Nevada tickets at the little gift shop that sells them for us. On my way there, I noticed that the traffice lights were off and that people were in stunned mode – I think Brampton doesn’t know that when the traffice lights are out, you’re to treat the intersection as a 4-way stop. Morons. I only thought that it was a glitch, it wasn’t until I got to the mall and couldn’t get in because of the automated doors that I began to wonder what was going on. When I got back in my car and tried to call work on my cell and go no reception, that’s when it got weird for me. It’s strange to be in the midst of something like that – it’s substantial and overwhelming and startling. How crazy-dependent our society has become on technology. The people outside the malls were pissed off because they couldn’t shop (C’mon, it’s just Zellers ;), traffic was chaotic because people are clueless, and I’m momentarily off balance because I can’t get my phone to work.

When I get back to the office, I find out that the power is off there too. I went out on the front porch to try and access traffic and was rewarded by some ick-guys stuck in traffic ~ Hey Princess is what they said, and some other stuff but I was too busy rolling my eyes to notice ;). Irene came out and that’s when we hear from a lady across the street that the problem has extended through all Ontario and into the states. Oh Boy. So I wait around for a few minutes then decide to try and get home – Irene goes out onto the sidewalk as I leave the driveway and with a big grin she stops traffic for me so that I can not only get out of our parking lot but also make a left hand turn. Irene kicks ASS! 🙂 Anyhow, the drive home wasn’t horrific, I’ve had worse in bad weather. I made it as far south as I could before I hit pretty fierce gridlock and then, when I hit an intersection with a cop directing traffic, I made a left hander and used the side streets to get me home – saving about 30 minutes in traffic – which I needed since my gas light had just come on :).

Our power came back on around midnight – the only thing I minded terribly was the heat in the bedroom when I tried to sleep. It was brutally hot – it was still high twenties when I went to bed I believe. Tay and I cleaned the house since our party is this weekend and then we had a makeshift dinner of cheese, crackers, fruit and pepperoni. I enjoyed the peace and quiet actually, read my book with candlelight while Tay watched news updates on his little handheld. What really sucks is that we missed the Amazing Race, but I am optimistic that they will rebroadcast it since New York missed it too :). (Nobody tell me what happened unless I ask!!)

Today I got up around 6:30, had some breakfast, watched a bit of the news, talked to Cathy when she called – she asked me to come into work to try and get the phones up and running – Brampton had power but our voicemail wasn’t kicking in. On the way there I had to get gas which was a huge ordeal, I guess everyone else was running the gas light – the wait was about twenty minutes to get to a pump. Cars were lined out onto the street, blocking intersections. It was pretty nasty, and the impatience of the other drivers didn’t help. Why honk? What purpose will it serve?? And then, the people (all men, btw) who had to get out of the cars and walk around the gas station parking lot, surveying the situation. Do you actually think there’s something more to the situation then hundreds of people low on gas and therefore clogging up the gas stations. C’mon, use your brain you moron.

Anyhow, got to work, got the phones working, made the delivery I couldn’t do yesterday and got back home around 11:00am. We had power until about 1pm when it cut out again (13 hours of constant power, others weren’t so lucky 😦 ). It stayed out for two hours, Tay and I hopped in the car and scooted out to get some propane. Nothing since then except it’s crazy hot and I’ve never been so warm and yucky feeling. The heat just presses down on you, it’s almost enough to steal your breath.

Other than that, haven’t really been too affected by “Blackout 2003” – how gay is that? Why does the media insist on labelling everything and why give everything such gay names? “Shock and Awe” rings a bell. GAY. For the most part, I was impressed with how well the people here handled the situation. The drive home was not nearly as bad as it could’ve been – thank god I commute by car, I would have killed myself had I been forced to do it on bus. Renu ended up having to walk from Dundas to her place – a VERY long trek only to get home to find Jago with a fever. (Poor Jago – love and good wishes to him). The lack of looting and the people who were out there for long hours helping direct traffic gives me hope that we’re not a society of selfish people. If any good came out of this, for me, it’s that reassurance :).

7 lbs of potatoes later…

Our party is tomorrow night, I have 7lbs of potatoes in a bowl downstairs waiting to be turned into potato salad. Mybruschetta mix is made and in the fridge, as is my spinach dip – those 3 things alone will save me huge time tomorrow. Last count we have close to 40 people coming to the party – I think that’s the most we’ve had… I’m thinking it will be a good time :). After the past few days, I’ll be quite happy to acquaint myself with a 6er of Smirnoff Ice. Cheers!!!

Things to do tomorrow BEFORE the drunkeness begins:

~ GYM. I didn’t get there Wednesday or Thursday (the plan yesterday was to go after work – HA!) and I gotta assume the gym was closed today – no answer when I called so I couldn’t work out today but I gets points for effort for calling ;).

~ Haircut w Vito ~ need to decide pretty quick if I am cutting my hair off or growing it. I’ve got some ideas for growing it, I thinking a shortish, cutish flippy Paige Davis-do, but need to talk it over with Vito.

~ Costco for burgers and chips, Loblaws for bread and buns.

~ Back home for the rest of the party prep, then a quick nap?? PLEASE let there be a quick nap.

If I don’t blog tomorrow, I think you’ll know why ;).

Shout out to poor Peanut who’s not well – Get better cat :).

The Friday Five

1. How much time do you spend online each day? That’s a tough one since I browse sporadically while at work – I’ve gotten pretty good at multitasking so if I am waiting for something at the office (like a print job, or to talk to someone), then I’m opening websites. I would say an hour while at work, plus an hour in the evening to do my blog. At least. That may be conservative tho, so let’s round up to 3 hours :).

2. What is your browser homepage set to? Just the MSN site – I move around easily enough using my favorites, I don’t care where I go to get me started.

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)? Mostly MSN, but AIM and something called Trillian, which can manage most messengers (AIM, MSN, ICQ). That thing is genius!)

4. Where was your first webpage located? It’s not up and running anymore, it was through IVillage and the account expired.

5. How long have you had your current website? If blogs count, only about a month ;).

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