Blogger Milestone

My blog has received 100 hits! (Not including my own visits! :). Hoorah!

Quote of the Day:


Song of the Day:

I Love Being Here With You, Peggy Lee, SFU Soundtrack


Workout: Nada

Water: 1.5Ltrs?

I didn’t go this morning ~ I was feeling pretty tired when I woke up. Seems to be a pattern ~ Tuesdays hasn’t been a good day for me to work out. My pattern has been Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, then I take Tuesday and Wednesday off. Maybe my body can’t handle more than five days in a row. Perhaps five days should be my weekly goal, rather than six and then try and space my two days apart more. I dunno – maybe Monday and Thursdays off or something? We’ll see :). I kind of wish I had gone this morning, but it’s too late now ;).

Dress Dilemma

I did a little shopping on the weekend, bought two dresses at Jacob’s, they were both on sale; 1 was $30, the other $40. They’re both very nice dresses, one is black and lacy and has spaghetti straps and is fairly low cut, the other is a wine red color, straight cut and strapless. It’s a chiffon type material with a black slip beneath it; it’s simple but elegant. A great color on me :). I’m having a hard time trying to decide between the two – I am probably more comfortable in the black because it’s more conservative in that it fits me well and I’m not self-conscious. I love-love-love the wine-colored dress though because it’s damn sexy but it’s very revealing and molds itself to my shape. I’m torn between the two – tay likes the black one better, as does Renu. Jai prefers the wine one. So I was telling Irene and Saskia about the two dresses yesterday at work and we were talking about shawls or scarves that I could wear with the wine one, and I said I’d bring the dresses in today so they could see them. So I did. While I was showing them the dresses, Daniel came along and when I asked his opinion, his response about the wine one was, “THAT’s a dress?” (I think he thought it was a skirt ;). So then they make me try them on. Ahhh, the joys of non-profit. The results of the poll are: Saskia, Daniel, Lori and Joanne all vote for the wine one. Cathy and Irene maintain that they are both lovely with Cathy requesting to borrow the black one in November :). So it looks like the wine one gets the vote :). Ahhh, the decisions :).

Bleh. Bleh

I’m feeling pretty Bleh this evening actually; I have a feeling that a cold is sneaking up on me. My throat is phlegmy, my eyes are dry, my nose was running earlier and my back hurts. Not good signs. Our party is Saturday night, I’m really hoping that I’m not getting sick; I’ve conceded to if I am getting sick, please let it only be like a 2day jobber. BLEH. Why me? *sulks* I’m going to bed.

3 for Thursday (on Tuesday 😉

1. What are the 3 driving laws you see broken most often?People running red lights (it SOOOO wasn’t yellow when you followed me through!!), not signaling and tailgating.

2. What are 3 things that drive you nuts about other drivers? People who take their time through an advanced green, people who cut you off without a signal, drivers in vehicles bigger than yours who intimidate you on the highway by tailgating dangerously close.

3. What are 3 things you do while driving that you shouldn’t, or if you’re a perfect driver, what are 3 things you think others shouldn’t be doing while driving? Speeding, daydreaming, running the yellow.

Bonus: Have you ever experienced or seen a bad case of road rage? We had an incident once where I think we inadvertently cut some guy off – the guy was not happy at all; he started yelling out his window at his, making rude gestures and then pacing us for a while (as he continued yelling). It was scary freaky, especially since it was night and the guy looked like some psycho-red-neck.

Bonus-Bonus: Are you a backseat driver when someone else is in the driver’s seat? (like your significant other or a family member).I’m not, but I want to be. I have to bite my tongue sometimes if the person I am driving with takes a longer route then I would or if they’re driving too slow. But I’d hate anyone critiscizing my driving so I keep quiet.

Today’s Driving Adventure: I was behind a woman today who was in a rush to get somewhere – not only did she cut me off twice without signaling, she also took the time to apply some mascara while at a red light. Umm… I don’t think make-up application while driving is a smart idea, but that could just be me. No wonder women get labelled as bad drivers, we pull stupid stunts like this! Grrr.

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