Quote of the Day:

Jesus Fuck. <–From a conversation with Taylor. He has a way with words ;).

Song of the Day:

Building a Mystery, Sarah McLachlan


Workout: Weights (Chest, Triceps), Abs, and Cardio (Stairclimber, 15 minutes, Bike 15 minutes).

Last night’s sleep was I think the kind where you never fall deeply asleep, or you don’t feel like you do because your dreams keep you so busy. My alarm went off at the usual 5:45 and then again at 6, both times, I was prepared to hear it. So I was up and out the door and at the gym almost before I know it. (Some mornings, on my way there, I realize quite suddenly that I am still partially asleep. I suppose it’s a good thing the traffic is light that time of the morning ;). Good workout, my ability to do pushups is improving, 3 sets of 12. Worked out hard on the stepper, oversight on my part, I was wearing lined pants which meant I sweated more than I normally would. It was a good sweat though, the kind where it drips from your skin and you can taste it’s saltiness on your lips.

What Else?

It is insufferable tonight, the heat, cloaking the air and making it difficult to breathe. I’ve opened the window in my study in an attempt to circulate some air, I can feel my skin as it heats, my lips are dry. I’m sitting in my writing position, my legs stretched out on the desk, the keyboard on my lap. I just changed, I’m now in a thin tank top and some CK pajama shorty-shorts that I just got on the weekend. It’s raining outside, I can hear the drops as the hit; part of me wants to go out and stand in it, feel it on my skin the way we used to do as kids. I’m listening to Sarah McLachlan, I feel like I should be sipping wine :).

Monday’s Memories

From June 29th, 2003

Who was your first “best friend”? Do you still keep in touch with them now? I had two, from a very young age, probably when I was six or so. One was a boy, the other a girl; I think that I was two different people with them. With Jason I wore cordorouys and sweatshirts, my hair in a ponytail and played Starwars. We got along well, he often let me forget that I was a girl; once, when he thought to remind me, I pinned him down and gave him a bloody nose. With Dawn, we played Barbies, and skipped rope, I think I was being something that I wasn’t and because of it, I didn’t quite fit in. She had shiny blonde hair and blue eyes; I had dark eyes and dark unruly hair; my scrawniness undoubtedly emphasized her softness. If I had made my bets then, it would have been that my friendship with Jason would have been the one to last. I was wrong. Twenty-one years later and she is still my best friend – I’ve known her longer than I’ve known my youngest sister. We’ve worked our friendship in like an old pair of pajamas; it’s comforting to the touch and softens the soul. We fit together now, the way we didn’t twenty years ago. Around her I can be myself; that is why we need to have best friends.

Monday Madness

1. What is the longest road trip you’ve ever taken? Has to be the drive from Nova Scotia to Colorado. If I remember correctly, it was four long days in the car.

2. What is the longest vacation you’ve ever taken? When Tay was living in CO and I was still in NS, my trips to see him were pretty long – I think they averaged close to 3 weeks.

3. Which was the best vacation you’ve ever taken? Why? As much as I loved going away with Tay this past March, it doesn’t compare to any of those CO trips. I remember how blissfully happy I was to be with Tay again after 3 months apart. So far, nothing has compared to that.

From True to Form, Elizabeth Berg:

“One thing men do not enjoy is a woman with too many brains. Their feminine allure is sucked right out of them, and they often have bad breath. They have no idea at all how to dress, especially shoes.” (The book takes place in 1961, the above is being said by Katie’s best friend after Katie has revealed she wants to be an anthropologist. Funny stuff ;).

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