Quote of the Day:

“I don’t like to change lanes once I get going. That’s more for race car drivers.” Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

Song of the Day:

Relating to a Psychopath, Macy Gray


Workout: Weights (Back, shoulders, Biceps), Abs and Cardio (20 minutes bike)

Water: 3Ltrs (at least).

Being up so late the night before really screwed me up – had a hard time getting out of bed and when I finally did, had a worse time getting motivated. Plus it didn’t help that there was this oppressive heat surrounding us, I could feel it squeezing the house. When I finally left to go to the gym, it hit me hard. Thank god for AC at the gym and the 1.5Ltr bottle of water that I consumed. My batteries died in the middle of my workout which sucked – I need to put my hands on my second set before going tomorrow.

Different Kinds of Cheating

Last night at C&E’s we were casually watching The World According to Garp on TV while waiting for the boys to return from their night out, and infidelity of both Garp and his wife got me thinking about people that have affairs. First there’s Garp who has mindless flings with babysitters, lustfilled moment when he should really know better but that mean nothing at all in the large scheme of things, and then his wife, who falls into a sex-filled, obsessive infatuation-borderline-love relationship with one of her students. I found myself thinking, which of the two is worse: A person who goes out and is compulsively unfaithful with a number of different partners, and it’s just for the sex, or the person who goes out and has the affair with just one person but allows themself to become emotionally involved, therefore making it about more than just sex. I think the latter is the worse of the two, because it’s more obviously a betrayal to the relationship – and probably the less hurtful. Sex is just sex, love is much more. I used to have random dreams in which I cheated on Tay and always the tremendous guilt I would feel would cause me to lurch into consciousness and I would lay beside Tay, unable to breathe from thinking that I had done such a terrible thing. When cognizant thought would return to me and I realized I had been dreaming, such sweet relief would flood through me. I’ve also had similiar dreams where it’s been Tay that has cheated on me, and I wake up so angry that he’s lucky that I don’t do something nasty like smother him with his pillow ;). Those dreams are harder to shake and the next morning, I’ll be pissed of at him for a few hours; while he’s probably thinking that he did nothing wrong. Or else he’s trying to figure out what he may have done. Poor guy :).

Weekly Wrap Up

1. What was the first Disney movie you remember seeing? How did you like it? Movies and television seem to be such an irrelevant part of my childhood – I do remember watching Jaws when I was around six and being petrified. I’m sure I watched the typical Cinderella or Snow White, but it obviously did not have a lasting impact on me and was fairly forgettable.

2. What was your favorite Disney movie as a child? Why? I remember really liking Bambi because it seemed like such a grown-up movie and dealt with serious issues. It’s a dark movie for kids because it says, THIS is the real world, things and people die, but if you’re lucky, you won’t have to deal with it alone. It’s a great movie about the power of friendship.

3. What is your favorite Disney movie now? Why? Monsters, Inc. I love it’s originality and it’s cleverness, the subtle, underlying adult moments. It’s well-written, the dialogue is superb, the voice overs and choice of voiceovers is flawless – John Goodman was genius as Sully (I meant to mention yesterday how wonderful I think John Goodman is as an actor – I was thinking that while watching Roseanne at the gym; he’s got this great vibe happening, this presence that startles you).

4. What Disney character(s) do you most identify with? Why? Probably Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. I remember growing up and feeling like I never quite belonged in the environment that I grew up with; that I was always meant to live within a different lifestyle. I was always curious about how other people lived and constantly wanted what I did not have. Another parallel would be giving up my home, my family and my friends to be with the person I loved, in what amounted to a whole different world.

5. Describe your ideas for the next Disney movie (animated or live-action). I think considering the influence that Disney has on young minds, it needs to be very conscious of the effect they have in doing movies and therefore be responsible about what movies they do, what consequences the movie might have, what stereotypes they might encourage etc. I don’t think we need more movies about the beautiful poor heroine falling in love with the rich handsome prince and being whisked away but perhaps more realistice, nitty-gritty stuff that helps kids prepare for the real world. Maybe something like The Princess and the Frog, or Rumpelstiltskin :).

From True to Form, by Elizabeth Berg:

“Say Santa Claus went on a severe diet: bingo, Mr. Randolph. There he is before me with twinkly blue eyes and a mouth that really is like a bow. White hair and white beard. But skinny as can be, with his shirt tucked into his pants and sort of drowning there. His suspenders ought to be paid double for the work they’re doing.”

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