Quote of the Day:

Darlene: “Uh, Becky? D.J. made a sundial out of birth control pills.”

D.J.: “Yeah, and it even has the days of the week!”

From an episode of Roseanne, playing on the TV at the gym.

Song of the Day:

Everybody Hurts, REM


WorkOut: Weights (Triceps, chest and abs) and Cardio (20 minutes, stairclimber, 20 minutes, bike).

Water: 3Ltrs (? Lost track, dinner was spicy 🙂

So I had an extremely crappy morning at work (I’m about to lose it), so after having lunch with Alex I went to the gym and had a good workout – I really enjoy working out when I’m stressed, frustrated or angry – that energy fuels me and I always have a good workout as a result. Plus it helps bring me down a notch or two. I’m finding it easier and easier to do my pushups – I did 3 sets of 10 (still using the ball) and it wasn’t as difficult. Perhaps this will help me lose through the chest :). Hoorah!

Green Mango Curry

Tay was going to a stag party tonight for one of the HADA boys so I ended up dropping him off and then going into C&E’s to hang out with E – it was okay, for the most part. Parm was there (unbeknownst to me that she’d be there) and we ended up going to the Golden Thai for dinner. I’ve had Thai only a couple of times before so a lot of what we had was new to me – satay chicken with peanut sauce, coconut chicken soup, the green mango curry and some other dish which I’m drawing a blank on but it involved noodles, peanuts and tofu. All of it was yum except for the soup which was weird. It was really sweet and just odd tasting :).

Keebler Elves in Toronto

So then we go to Marche for dessert – I’d never been – it’s like this market place and they sell everything from pasta and breads, to desserts and coffees, to candles and maple syrup. When you go in you’re handed a card and you go around getting stuff and they stamp your card with whatever item you buy – when you’re done, you go to the checkout, hand in your card and they tally up your purchases. Apparently it’s easy to overspend when you are there but it’s a neat concept- it’s like a temporary credit card. It was a very relaxed environment even though there were dozens of people milling around – music playing and hanging string lights and lots of greenery. All the staff wore green aprons and these red caps, diligently working behind the counters. They reminded me of the Keebler Elves :).

It’s 4 am

And I’m blogging. LOSER :). I’m going to answer the F5 and then go to bed – Tay’s already asleep; he was a little drunk :). And he smells yucky from all the smoke in the peeler joint they went to. When I was talking to Renu earlier she was curious that I didn’t have a problem with Tay going to a strip club. Doesn’t bother me – they guys usually end up complaining about how ick the girls are :). Besides it’s all fun, and what’s more, I trust Tay and know his primary interest in going is so he can hangout with the guys. So I hope he had a good time, I think he did :).

Friday Five

August 8, 2003

1. What’s the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country? Last time I left the province was the end of June when I went to Halifax; the last time I left the country was the end of March when Tay and I went to New Orleans.

2. What’s the most bizarre/unusual thing that’s ever happened to you while traveling? I’ve had stupid things happen to me whil travelling (like snapping off the key to the ignition to my mother’s car in the door lock) but nothing really bizarre or unusual. My travels are usually fairly uneventful, or if they are eventful, they are typical (flight delays, getting stranded in airports etc).

3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go? Europe definitely, especially Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany.

4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car? I generally would rather fly than drive long distances (say +8 hours); but the thought of a road trip is very appealing to me – but only if I could take my time, stop a lot and had good company. Some day, I want to get a Via Rail pass and do Canada by train, but that wouldn’t be my first choice for regular travel.

5. What’s the next place on your list to visit? Tay and I have been talking about going somewhere warm on our next vacation – C&E stayed at a really nice resort on the Mexican Rivieria, which appeals to us. Jody goes to England next Friday, so I will be adding that to my list too :).

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