Quote of the Day:

“Kill God!”

“Uh, let’s just be atheists?”

“Same thing!”
<– From an episode of South Park

Song of the Day:

New, No Doubt (I’m on a big No Doubt kick lately, dunno why?)


Workout: Weights (Lower body) and Cardio (Bike, 15 minutes).

Water: 2.5Ltrs?

So I was happy to get to the gym this morning after not being there for the past two days; I’d missed it actually. Noticed some of the regulars that I hadn’t seen lately; the girl who was working out like crazy the three months before her wedding is back; I guess the honey moon is over :). There used to be this pair that I used to be obsessed with observing that hasn’t been around lately. The two of them used to have this little entourage that used to follow them around, they’d work out as a group, all that coordination would frustrate me in a hurry. Anyway, the girl was beautiful, blond and tanned and probably a size 4 – she had a tatoo and had her toes french manicured. Sandra and I used to be in awe of her, I remember one day she spoke to me in the locker room – I think she said excuse me and I became all stuttery – kind of like how you’d react in high school when the MOST popular girl would speak with you. Her only flaw that I saw was the company she kept, she hung out with this Will-Farrell-kind of guy, if that’s not bad enough… the guy works out wearing a beret. I don’t know who he thinks he is, even Will-Farrell’s suckiest, gayest SNL character wouldn’t wear a beret at the gym. On the other hand, it’s kind of surreal, I watch him walking around and I almost feel like I’m on the set of SNL and I’m expecting some skit to just start occurring around me. Anyhow, I saw part of their entourage this morning but not them… maybe he couldn’t find his beret this morning ;).

Jago is One!!

I can hardly believe that he was born a year ago today; I can remember when he was so tiny and all he did was sleep in my arms :). Tay came with me to Renu’s, which was a first; it was strange having him there but really nice as well. I had a good time, as did Renu ~ we laughed a lot. Even Jai seemed to enjoy the company – perhaps Tay will go again – I think he will. Jago was a little shy; when we first arrived he was sulking, burying his little face in my chest but then he seemed to relax. I think the baby is having a hard week, this is Renu’s first week back at work and I think he misses his mother a lot during the day. Maybe that was part of it this evening, maybe he recognized me as someone familiar?

I’m having a hard week with Renu being back at work too :(. Not used to her not being around during the day to talk to… I’m realizing now how dependent I had become on her. I am sure she will be happy reading this ;).

I ended up bringing Jayant a couple of presents along with gifts for Jago, I kind of thought that he would be jealous or feel left out because it’s Jago’s birthday ~ I suppose he needs to learn that it’s not all about him but I couldn’t resist… though afterwards, I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t have bothered. I think that he’s getting a little TOO spoiled, he didn’t seem all that grateful about his gifts (I bought his a Toy Story 2 drawing pad and some colored pencils, because he likes to draw so much) and he was more interested in the talking play phone that I got for the baby. At one point, he said something like, “It that all?” I’m not sure what to think, but it doesn’t matter, I still love the kid :).

Noooooooooo! *sob*

I’m very distraught over tonights TAR, I can’t believe the clowns are gone. *sob* This is worse than any Survivor moment. And I got sucked in by the editing, I thought the clowns had made it, that they had gotten there in that window that Reichen and Chip had made available by goofing up :(. Tay summed it up nicely, “I’m so bummed”; he was cheering for the clowns too. How depressing. Now I don’t even care who wins, but if I had to go with a team..I dunno, Reichen and Chip pissed me off when they were complaining because the taxi drivers in Korea didn’t speak English – they should try going to Quebec where they don’t speak English either ;). I had my heart set on the clowns so I don’t care if it’s R&C or the other two guys, as long as it’s not Jon&Kelly – she drives me CRAZY – her rude ignorance is much worse then R&C’s (which, to be fair, stemmed from frustration, Kelly is just a bitch).


Best moment:

Kelly: “Reichen? Are you scared?”

Reichen: “Not really.”

Bwahaaahaa! 🙂

Detour: We’d be rappeling face down, I’d be scared as hell but I’d still do it :).

Roadblock: I COULD climb in the tank full of sharks, but I’m not sure I’d want to. In this case, and if Tay was my partner, I’d stand back and let him volunteer. If he didn’t, okay. They’re only sharks ;).

From True to Form, by Elizabeth Berg:

“Her sheets smelled like outside, and everybody used to say you could eat from her kitchen floor. I used to think, Why would you want to do that? and I would imagine my uncle Harry sitting there cross-legged with his napkin tucked into his shirt, leaning over awkwardly to lift his scrambled eggs from the linoleum.”

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