Quote of the Day:

“My mom’s buying a bra too, but hers is very big.” <– So said by the chubby little girl waiting with her mother at the cash register in the Bay. I wanted to die laughing :).

Song of the Day:

The Real Slim Shady ~ Eminem


Workout: Weights (Biceps, Shoulders, Back, Abs) and Cardio (Stairclimber 25 minutes, Bike 20 minutes).

Water: 2Ltrs

I didn’t end up doing the whole steam room/hot tub thing because it was pretty late by the time I got to the gym – I’m saving it for tomorrow. Did a lot of cardio though, and that felt pretty good – I felt like I could have done a lot longer too :). Weekends are good because I don’t have to restrict myself timewise, it’s really nice not having to rush.

Happy Birthday, my foot!

I was opening my mail this evening, mostly bills and what not, when I came across something from HBC that said Happy Birthday! So I open it, wondering if HBC has started some kind of Birthday-special promotion thing. Ya! Right! It’s a stupid application for Life Insurance. What the hell is up with that? Ya, it’s your birthday next month, maybe you need to start thinking about dying. Thanks a lot.

I seriously feel sick…

When Sandra had to work on Mother’s Day, they gave her a dinner-for-two gift certificate, as compensation for having to work Mother’s Day. The intention was to treat employees and their mothers to dinner – since our mother is in NS, Sandra decided to take me. We finally got around to going (3 months later 😉 and gotta say, we ate well :). I didn’t know when we went that the voucher would include everything, I thought it would be just entrees and we’d have to pay for everything else, but I was wrong. It included an alcoholic beverage, an appetizer, salad, bread, entree and dessert. Holy food, batman. I ended up ordering calamari to start, then ceasar salad and then a Hell’s Kitchen with chicken AND shrimp. I ate half the calamari, most of the salad and then maybe a third of my pasta. Had dessert too, and a Smirnoff Ice. I feel like I’m gonna puke :). Funny thing is, it sounds like a lot of food, but I’ve eaten much more before, while out for dinner with C&E… so I dunno, maybe I’m not used to eating this much food anymore. Or maybe I’m eating too much crap. I should be going to bed so my body can digest in peace :).

And then reading stuff like this doesn’t help either…

From The Toronto Star, Gay Unions Split Liberals

“Marriage is the union between men and women and has been that way since the beginning of time. It’s meant to stay that way,” said Janko Peric (Cambridge). “Anything else is not civilized. It’s not acceptable.”

What the hell is that crap? Are there people that are actually that close-minded? It’s bad enough that there are people out there THINKING this stuff, but how can they be stupid enough to go on the record saying it? Here we are trying to live in a world where we treat each other equally and then we get assholes like this guy saying that 2 gay people trying to have what 2 straight people have is UNCIVILIZED. What century were you born in, you moron?

Another Peric gem, from an article in the Cambridge Reporter (check out his picture, he even looks like a Neanderthal): “When I see two same-sex individuals give birth to a human being, that’s when I’ll start recognizing them as an equal.” I swear to god, if this guy was MP for Mississauga, I think I’d need to move.

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