Quote of the Day:

“Nicholas, over here. Over HERE Nicholas! Nicholas! You’re peeing on the floor!!” <– Coming from the stall next to mine at Loblaws :).

Song of the Day:

Artificial Sweetner, No Doubt

Website of the Day

Visit these websites, and tell me you don’t laugh your head off:

Part One :::::: Part Two


Workout: Weights (Legs and Abs, Obliques), no cardio.

Water Consumption: 1.5Ltrs? Probably not enough.

I kept my workout short today because I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to get done. I’m not sure I need to be doing cardio everyday anyhow, so I felt fine not bothering. I’m planning on spending a good 2+ hours at the gym tomorrow, I’m going to take advantage of the quiet long weekend and do the whole steamroom/hot tub after my workout and then hog the big shower for a long shower – at least 30 minutes :). Last night, when Sandra and I were playing Scrabble, I was looking at her fingernails and told her it wasn’t fair that she had long nailbeds and I didn’t. She replied that it wasn’t fair that I had all the right curves in all the right spots. I guess we all want what we can’t have :). By the way, the whole fat thing has passed, I guess it was all period-related ;).

People have too much time on their hands.

I popped into Loblaws today to get some things I can’t get at FoodBasics – when I came out, it was raining and a bunch of people were standing in the foyer with their groceries, staring out at the rain – what were they thinking? That if they stared long enough, perhaps made a group effort, the rain would stop? Don’t they have better things to do than hang out with your groceries? What do they think will happen if they get rained on? They’ll melt? Aren’t they worried their ice cream will melt?

Sidenote: I’m really liking Loblaws, they’ve got atmosphere going on, the live music upstairs next to their coffee bar is pretty cool, the self-check out is ingenious, I’ve never been to the cooking class, but the kitchen looks like something off a talk show. And their pharmacy section is pretty varied – I treated myself to some Green Tea body wash, it smells yum. I’d shop at Loblaws more often, but the fact remains that a) their prices are too high on some of their items and b) their selection is limited. You either get the most expensive brand or the cheap No-Name stuff. I refuse to be forced into buying their goods, no thanks. So I go to Loblaws for stuff I don’t mind paying more for (ie. Fresh bread, or steak) but for the rest of the basics, I go to Food Basics, even though I used to call it the Welfare-Store. It still feels that way, it’s dirty, and crowded and there are some pretty annoying people that shop there but you know me, I can’t resist a good deal ;).

Things that make me mad at the world:

I’m making a conscious effort to stay calm and be less irritable but it’s hard when you’re surrounded by selfish people. On my list of irritations today are:

~ People who don’t say thank you when you hold the door for them.

~ People who don’t wave a thank you when you let them in front of you in heavy traffic.

~ People who don’t know where they’re going and then take 5 hundred years to signal when they finally do.

~ People who don’t know where they’re going and then cut across three lanes of traffic instead of admitting they made a mistake and then backtrack.

You can’t ‘reset’ Chinese Checkers

Renu, Jai and the kids came for dinner tonight – afterwards, Jayant finally convinced me to play Chinese Checkers with him (he’s only been bugging me forever it seems). We sit down to play, 5 minutes in and I’m winning and Jayant’s not liking it. So he yells ‘Reset!’ (as in Nintendo) and tries to set the board back up. Like THAT’S going to happen :). Then he cheated and as a result, I was able to capture one of his pieces, which he didn’t like in the slightest. I smugly tell him that’s what he gets for cheating – serves him right ;). I think he thinks that I’m going to let him win when we play these games but obviously he doesn’t know me very well – but he’s going to learn one of these days. I think it’s more important for him to learn how to lose then how to win – the winning part is easy.

A fish named Sponge-Bob Square Pants

Jayant has taken the liberty of renaming my last fish Sponge-Bob Square Pants. He was originally called Nelson (after Nelson on the Simpsons) since this fish is such an asshole bully. I suppose the fish can now be known as Sponge-Bob Square Pants AKA Nelson. Jago went crazy for the fish tonight, I think it’s the first time he really noticed it. He was quite taken by watching the fish, he would touch the glass with his finger and that psycho-nuts fish would try and eat his finger.

Weekly Wrap-Up

#54 – Hair

1. How much hair did you have when you were born? I think I had a fair amount, but I really don’t remember :).

2. Share a hair memory from childhood. Oh, THIS will be easy. My dad thinking he would do my mother a favor and cut my bangs for me while she was at church. My dad, wetting my bangs and then cutting them, not knowing that they would dry so much shorter. I think my mother almost had a heartattack when she got home and found me with about half an inch of bangs, and boy, did she let my dad have it :). (My father still gets psycho-huffy when it’s brought up, and it’s how many years later? At least 20?)

3. How do you style your hair now? How much time to do you spend on caring for your hair? Short and textured, cut close at the back with short, chunky bangs. Five minutes maybe? It’s getting longer now, I need a haircut, or am I growing it? I can’t quite decide.

4. Describe your worst hair day? What happened? I agreed to be a hair model at a hair salon in downtown Toronto. Somehow, the communication between the stylist and myself was non-existent – she took it all off. Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration – she left me with about half an inch in length. It took her almost two hours to complete the massacre. I looked like I’d either just completed chemo or a stay in a concentration camp, or both.

5. What’s the best and worst thing about your hair? Why? The best thing would be it’s length – the fact that it’s short makes it convenient and easy to care for. It’s cool (temperature wise) in the summer and fits well under a hat in the winter. People envy either it or my nerve to keep it this short or both. The worst thing is that it’s neither curly or straight. It’s stupid-wavy, so I need to struggle to take it either way. I don’t like growing it long for that reason, it’s too hard to make it look good. Bah.

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