Quote of the Day:

Ken is just another one of Barbie’s accessories. <– My comment during a conversation on the front porch at work.

Song of the Day:

Mad Season, MatchBox Twenty


Workout: Weights (Back, shoulders, biceps, abs) and cardio (10 minutes, stairclimber, 15 minutes, bike).

Water consumption: ~1Ltr so far, but I’m about to drink more!!

I just went down to get a glass of water; the house is perfectly quiet with one minor exception. The neighbors damn dog is yapping away – I hate that thing, if I could get away with it, I would drop-kick the furball into outer space ;). Anyhow – today’s workout. I got up a little after 6 and made it to the gym – even though I felt dead tired. But once I got there, it was worth it – this means, I have worked out 4 days so far this week – and I still have Thursday and Friday’s workout. Looks like I will get to 6 this week, YAY me! 🙂 Un-workout related, but body related, I did start my period, I’m pretty crampy this evening and I was pretty irritable at work today, but it was an amusing-irritable rather than a bitchy-irritable. It basically consisted of me telling people, “I’m irritable today, don’t talk to me.” Sometimes I swapped “don’t talk to me” with “don’t look at me”, it all depended on whether or not they looked like they wanted to say something ;). Irene was laughing at my crankiness, we agreed that at least I was honest :).

In Other News

Irene and I went out for dinner after work, which was pretty nice actually. A few weeks ago, I won dinner for two at the Mandarin (an all you can eat Chinese-type buffet place) – prior to my name being drawn from the raffle I vowed that if I won, I would take Irene with me. Well I won, so Irene came with. This is the second time that I’ve eaten at the Mandarin, it’s pretty good but nothing spectacular really – the fried shrimp was yum, as were the spring rolls. The company was better, I enjoy spending time with Irene, she’s my mother’s age so she’s sort of become a substitute mother to me. We talk a lot and she gives me her opinions about a lot of stuff so it’s really nice. I think her and my mother would get along really well. We were talking about moving into the new office and were strategizing how maybe we can swindle one of the few offices to share – we seem to work well together and it makes sense, since we deal with the money and it’s neccessary for us to interact throughout the day. I have a feeling she might get her way, which means I won’t be shipped off to cubicle hell.

The Barbie Thing

So over lunch today, a group of us were sitting in the front porch/lunch room talking about our relationships with our siblings, and howe never really got along when we were younger. I told them about how when I was younger, all I ever wanted to do was play Strawberry Shortcake with her and her friend, but they would never let me. I don’t think my sister was to blame, I believe it was her friend, even when I was 6 I could tell she was a real bitch (at 8!). Anyhow, then I mentioned how I used to be very flexible with Sandra when we played Barbies – when we used to play, I would get very creative with my house (ie. hot water bottle and satin pjs became a luxury waterbed) and then she would sulk because her house would suck. So I’d give her my house to keep her happy and then we’d continue playing. Well, when I was home in June, Stacy and I were talking about similiar things and she would tell me that she would sit down and try and play Barbies with Sandra, but when she did, Sandra’s Barbies would suddenly stop talking. When Stacy would ask why they weren’t talking anymore, Sandra would reply that they were talking in her head. So Stacy would walk her Barbie up to Sandra’s only to have them turn their back to hers… I couldn’t believe it when she told me all this – that is a NASTY kid. So that’s the basic Barbie thing – the Ken conversation occured when I mentioned that we had probably twenty Barbies and only one Ken (how many guys do you know that would complain about THAT ratio?? ;).

What Else?

I went to Chapters again tonight – I figured I could take back the two books I bought at Cole’s and get them at Chapters, therefore taking advantage of their volume discount. I spent a while in Chapters, just wandering around, I’m falling in love with that place. It’s been a while since I shopped there, it’s out of the way, so I usually forget about it, but there Bargain Book section is pretty expansive actually. I’m realizing that books are such a comfort to me, they’re like comfort food – in my case, chicken noodle soup or/and grilled cheese. So five more books to the collection and nowhere to put them :). Perhaps I will just have stacks of them on the floor around my desk :).

I wish…

I got an email from some job search thing I was part of when I was jobhunting last summer, and it was a posting for an admin support position in Brampton/Mississauga. I sent it off to Renu (even though I don’t think she needs to look further, I have a feeling she’s probably got a job she was shortlisted for) because the location is perfect – it would be probably a five minute drive from where our new offices are going to be – we could carpool again, and have lunch together :). If she doesn’t get the job she is being considered for, I hope that this one looks like an attractive alternative :).

I’m a sleepy-head.

I’m going to call it a night, take advantage and go to bed earrrrrrrly – it’s only 10:00 but it’s been a longish day and I’m feeling it in my upper back. Maybe I’ll have a nice hot bath (with lavender) before I crawl into bed – guaranteed good night’s sleep.

From Drowning Ruth, Christina Schwarz:

“And so I agreed to go home, not to the Milwaukee boarding-house full of unmarried nurses where Eliza and I had carefully divided the freezing, mustart-colored room into her side and my side, but back to the farm where I had grown up, where the snowy hills were white as bleached linen and where my sister rocked her little girl to sleep beside the kitchen stove while she waited for her husbnad to come back from the war.”

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