Quote of the Day:

A man and his truck: It’s a beautiful thing <– on the back of a truck, on my way to work

Song of the Day:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper


Workout: Nada

Water consumption:1ltr

I was up late last night, first blogging and then writing, which means that today was my one official day off from the gym. It’s ok tho, I will have plenty of opportunities to work out the rest of the week so no biggie. I have noticed the past couple of days that I am feeling lighter somehow. I’m not sure that I have lost any weight but my body feels different – not sure how to explain it. My period comes tomorrow, usually I feel a little thicker but not this time. I don’t mind it, of course but it is weird nonetheless.

What Else?

Last night I blogged for a while and then went and did some writing – when I came back to update my writing blog, I saw that Renu had been here visiting. It was very groovy to think that she had been reading my blog just after I had updated it. I know that she reads this on a constant basis so in some ways, I am writing to her when I blog :). Stephen King wrote in his book On Writing “that every novelist has a single ideal reader; that at various points during the composition of a story, the writer is thinking, “I wonder what he/she will think when he/she reads this part?” For me that first reader is my wife, Tabitha.” I’ve come to realize that my ideal reader is Renu :). I confess to loving it when just about anybody reads my work, but the best thing about Renu is that when she finishes, she wants more. And so, I keep writing so that I don’t disappoint her :).

Total truth, I kid you not:
Renu just called to tell me she was reading my blog, why hadn’t I updated it? 🙂

Terrible news about the Tuesday This-Or-That:

I went to the This-Or-That website, excited to do this week’s series of questions only to discover that the site had gone on hiatus. Very disappointing, I was enjoying this aspect of the blog especially. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it returns soon. 😦

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