Quote of the Day:

“There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.” ~Mr. Garrison, South Park

Song of the Day:

Hella Good, No Doubt

Random Thought:

Why do some people who shop at Wal-mart have to look like Wal-mart shoppers?


This week’s weigh-in: 164lbs (Woo! 1lb! 😉

Lbs to Slim-Fast goal: 6lbs

Lbs to Personal goal: 9lbs

Weight lost: 12lbs

Water Consumption: 6ltrs+ (Sat & Sun)

Workout: Weights (Legs, abs, obliques) and Cardio (Bike 20 minutes). Yesterday: Weights (Triceps, chest, abs) and Cardio (10 minutes stair climber, 20 minutes bike).

I worked out both yesterday and today – plus got in a mini-hike while at a picnic yesterday – me and Amanda hiked to the gorge overlook. So it only took 5 minutes or so, but I was in the woods, I was wearing sneakers, there were bugs – that’s a definition of a hike if you ask me :).

The Wal-mart Thing

Overheard Conversation (while at Wal-mart):

Woman: “Hon? Can we go look at cushions? Please?”

Man: “No. We came in here to buy one thing. Or two things. Not to buy the whole store.”

So I went to Wal-mart today because I needed Saran Wrap and since Wal-mart is near the gym, it was easier to go there then to the grocery store. I’ve been avoiding Wal-mart lately because it depresses me – the last time I was there I saw a kid who looked about ten. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and sandals that looked like shower-shoes and he had this geeky hair cut and wore these big round glasses. He looked like a bad imitation of Harry Potter. In his ear, he wore this big silver stud that was so girly looking, but from the look on this kid’s face, you could tell he thought he looked cool. I secretly snarked at him until it struck me that perhaps he had to make do with his obvious Wal-mart apparell. And then I remembered being his age and being forced to shop at Bi-Way for my new school clothes because my father wasn’t working. And I remember trying to make the best of the situation and digging through cheap knit sweaters that would fall apart after three washes and trying to find a pair of sneakers that didn’t have those velcro tabs, and maybe I too had the same optimism that this kid probably struggles to maintain. After I thought all this, I felt ashamed – I could have wept for how sorry I felt for this kid.

So today I drag myself into Wal-mart, trying not to look at people and trek all over looking for the Saran Wrap and finally found it in the far back corner. On my way to the checkouts, I see these two girls shopping – and I swear to God, they are wearing tacky sportswear – gym pants with text across the butt and matching tops with – get this – platform sandals. These girls are young but old enough (early twenties?) that they should posess the common sense in regards to what works and what doesn’t work. And high heels with gym wear DOESN’T. Hence my random thought from above. Anyhow, I escaped the Wal-mart relative unscathed with my Saran Wrap, a bag of jasmine rice (which I’ve been having a hard time finding but stumbled across in the grocery section looking for the Saran Wrap) and a bottle of new Palmolive aromatherapy dish soap – it’s Mandarin and Green Tea – I couldn’t resist :).

What Else?

Last night we went in to visit Caius and Elisa – we hadn’t seen them at the Hada picnic like we thought they would – it appears as though they ended up shopping for wedding invitations. They didn’t even find anything – they have to go back out today looking. I told Tay that I no longer want a big wedding because I’ve seen how it just totally consumes your whole life – I was talking to Alec at the picnic, him and Sandy are going to Italy and getting married there. If you ask me, that’s the perfect way to do it. It looks as though C&E will be wedding in October, probably over the Thanksgiving weekend. I’ve gotten over the petty jealousy that I experienced when I first found out about it, but I can admit that it was hard at first :(.

I fell asleep on the sofa at C&E’s while we were all sitting around chatting – I’ve done it before and not embarrassed by it, like I think some people would be. Obviously, I’m so comfortable being there, plus we’d had a long day. It was so strange driving home, I felt like it was the middle of the night, I was sooooo sleepy but it was only 1:30 and the city was very much alive. I love being downtown, feeling the energy and the way the city lights up, seeing the CN Tower and the Skydome against it’s backdrop. I used to wish I lived downtown (mostly when I was working down there) but now I’m glad I don’t – because I don’t think I would continue to appreciate the city the way I currently do. I rolled my window all the way down and felt the wind on my face.

Good Sale Worth-Mentioning:

Chapters had a deal on their bargain books, the more you bought, the more you saved. I bought 5 books and saved 30% (off the lowest ticketed price!) Woo!! I got close to $200 worth of books for $23 :). Added to my reading list are: The Pickup (winner of the nobel prize for literature), by Nadine Gardner, Still Waters, by Jennifer Lauck, Never Change, Elizabeth Berg, Slipstream (winner of the Governor General’s award), by Rachel Manley and The Persia Cafe, by Melany Neilson. Plus at Coles I got two other books off the discount table – Back Roads by Tawni O’Dell and Open House, by Elizabeth Berg – both worth buying :).

Weekly Wrap-Up #55 – Rain, Rain, Go Away

(from May 16th)

1. Do you like rain? Why or why not? I’m not overly fond of hot weather so I usually welcome summer rain – I like how everything smells after the rain, and colors it brings out, how green everything seems.

2. As a child, what did you do when it rained?My best memories are of summer rains – me and my sisters racing to put on our bathing suits so we could go dance in it.

3. What is currently your favorite rainy day activity? Why? Curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a good book – because I don’t feel guilty for indulging myself, since the weather outside is so bad :).

4. Describe the best rainy day experience you’ve ever had. On our way home from Halifax one year, we were driving with the top down and it started to pour. Puddles of water started pooling on the dash and in the window wells. I pulled off my sweater and tried wiping the car dry; the effort of course was futile. I’m trying to remember why we didn’t stop to put the top up – I think it was because we had the top strapped down under it’s cover and if we had removed the cover, we would have had no where to put the cover. Tay and I were laughing the whole time – while the passengers of cars driving by were staring at us :).

5. Suggest a good video/DVD rental for a rainy day. Why did you pick this movie? If I felt like a romance, then something like The Bridges of Madison County, because it makes me cry and there’s something that feels right about crying when the world around you is too. If I felt like something to match the weather, something like Dark City, because it’s dark and it reminds me of how the world would be if it rained every day.

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