Quote of the Day:

Being a man might describe a man, but being a mom defined a woman. ~ From Back Roads, Tawni O’Dell. (Is this true??)

Song of the Day:

Bring the Pain, Missy Elliott


This week’s weigh-in: 165lbs (No loss – maybe I’m meant to weigh this??)

Lbs to goal: 8lbs

Weight lost: 11lbs

Workout: Weights (Back, shoulders, abs) and Cardio (Stairclimber, 15minutes, Bike 15minutes).

Didn’t want to workout but forced myself too – afterwards, there was a bounce to my step that I missed. I think that sometimes those are the best workouts -because the satisfaction from doing it is so rewarding!! Trying not to be discouraged that I didn’t lose last week – I think I’ve narrowed down the culprit – Freezies!! What was I thinking when I bought the box at Costco?! So we’ll avoid the freezies this week and we’ll see what happens; oh yeah, probably doesn’t help that Tay and me had a fondue last night ;).

Petty Annoyances

~ The award today goes to Sunday Drivers… ARGH!

~On my way from the Farmer’s Market I was behind a minivan; the driver was going sooooo sloooooow. I switched to the right lane so I could get past him – didn’t he cut me off by making the switch? So I moved back into the left lane. Few seconds later I looked in my rearview mirror in time to see him cut across two lanes of traffic to get in the far left turning lane. ARGH.

~And then… Why do people insist on slowing down to gawk at things that are totally not their business? And do they care that there is someone behind them that actually has a life and somewhere to be and are therefore not interested in the police car that has pulled over two other cars? Keep driving like that buddy, and somday you’re going to be pulled over with a busted bumper and people are going to be gawking at YOU.

~But the best was the two women in their mini-van who STOPPED at a green light in a busy intersection. Word of advice for you ladies – when you pull that crap, drivers in the opposite direction waiting to make a left hand turn DON’T LIKE IT. I sat watching them waving their hands and looking around – maybe you should know where you’re going BEFORE you get in the car. I’m sure there are people in certain states in the U.S. who would SHOOT you for pulling that crap. ARGHH!!!

What Else?

I was chatting online with Tina – she was telling me about chatting online to an ex-girlfriends of Rob’s – someone that he dated oh-so-briefly before he met Tina. We went to high school with this girl, it was actually coincidental that the two ended up knowing each other. Anyhow, Rob and Tina have been together for close to nine years. So almost a DECADE after dating Rob, this girl decides to tell Tina how her life (she is married) is not quite complete without Rob and that it still kills her to think of them not being together. What kind of MORON do you have to be to A) confess these thoughts out loud and B) admit them to the wife of the man in question? At one point, Tina told her that Rob had gotten his ear pierced (finally) and that Tina was loving it. To which she replied, “Oh, I would NEVER have allowed that.” If I was Tina, I would have said to her, “Ya, well, that’s why he married me and not you.”

Some people need their head examined.


From Back Roads, by Tawni O’Dell:

“I tried not to watch her walking in front of me, but her jeans fit like someone had rubbed the color on with a piece of powder-blue chalk. They had been worn and washed so many times, I bet the denim felt like a puppy’s ear.”

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