Quote of the day:

I’m a spring leaf trembling in anticipation. ~ Maya Angelou

Song of the Day:

Rescue Me, Madonna


Workout: Weights (Legs), Abs and Cardio (Bike, 15 minutes).

Water consumption: Lost track, 2 Ltrs?

I was soooooooore this morning! It felt good though, I had missed that feeling after a long, hard workout. It took me a while to get to the gym, when I finally made it there I did all my leg routine, including squats using the stability ball and worked my obliques. Forgot my water bottle going to the gym – wouldn’t think it would make much of a difference but the difference was huge. Bought batteries for my MP3 player – listened to music while doing my weights, what a difference! 🙂 Not feeling sore anymore so I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.

Weekly Wrap-Up #62 – Physical Injury

1. Describe a childhood memory in which you sustained a physical injury. It doesn’t have to be a serious injury, only one that you remember distinctly. What happened?
When my father was in the navy, we lived in a PMQ, row after row of white cement apartment buildings, only three stories high. One summer, I was running through the neighborhood in my barefeet, stepped off a curb and into a piece of glass. So exhililerating was the moment that I didn’t even realize I had been injured until a playmate had pointed out the trail of blood that I was leaving behind. I remember sitting on a breadspread in front of one of the apartment buildings; it was pink with ballerinas. I bled all over it until it looked like a massacre had taken place at the ballet. I went to the hospital for stitches, I remember the ER room and being put into a wheel chair and later, being covered in a heavy sheet and a doctor working on my foot, made visible by a round hole in the material.

2. If that particular memory was not about your worst physical injury, what was/is? What made it so bad?
Having my wisdom teeth removed was pretty terrible – I was in a lot of pain and the nurses kept giving me morphine, which kept making me sick so I couldn’t keep it down. My sister and I had our teeth out at the same time, she experienced swelling but no pain, I experienced no swelling but pain that was so intense that I would wake up crying.

3. How well do you handle pain? Have you always had a high/low tolerance? If so, when did it change? I’ve always handled pain well; my tolerance is high. I’d rather be in pain than see someone I love experiencing it.

4. Do you take external medicines when you are hurt? Why or why not? Do you try/use alternative therapies? Why or why not? I don’t really believe in suffering, I believe that medication exists for a reason. The most common medication I use is for headaches; I can’t seem to function with a throbbing head. Most other things, sever menstrual cramps, sore throats, stuffy noses are just minor annoyances.

5. Describe a time when you were hurt and it wasn’t as serious as you thought. How did you feel before and after? A couple of months ago I experienced a severe headache, which was followed by horrible wretching/vomiting. I was convinced I was dying; it didn’t help that my doctor was concerned that I could be experiencing bleeding in my brain. I spent 10 hours in the ER that day getting a CAT scan. Fear of the unknown was terrible; that was the before. Afterwards, I felt mild annoyance and utter exhaustion.

In Other News

The weather here has been exceptional the past week – the temperature hasn’t climbed above 30 and seems to be averaging between 23 and 27. Humidity hasn’t been an issue either. This is the kind of weather that I love, these are the days that remind me of summers when I was younger and it was just nice to be outside, it didn’t matter what we were doing. This morning I had my breakfast out on the patio – is there anything better than being outside in your pajamas, eating your breakfast, reading a book?

Today I finally framed some of the card-prints I picked up while home – came across them in one of those glossy-embellished souvenir-type shops at the airport – the type of place that sells saltwater taffy, assorted jams and outrageously priced woolen winter wear. I had been looking for some local art that reminded me of home and hadn’t expected to find anything when Mom and I had wandered into the shop. The artists name is Paul Hannon – I picked out 5 prints that I liked; Coastal Arrangement is on my bulletine board at work. I didn’t see East Coast Arrangement while I was there, but wish I had, I now want it to add to my collection. His work draws me in and makes me feel happy; proud of my heritage, of where I am from. His Newfoundland work makes me wince from the pureness of it, the beauty – it reminds me of my childhood, summers in Foxcove, my grandmother. My mother ended up buying the cards for me, we’d just undergone a long and arduous drive to the airport, she admitted to it being her way of making amends.

I came to the end of Open House today. Some books you don’t want to finish; this was one of them. Elizabeth Berg brings her characters to life, you feel like you know them so that when you turn the last page you feel as though you are about to lose a friend – it’s like airport goodbyes. Such a poignant book for anyone who has had a partner leave them, thought about leaving or merely be in a relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I could be perfectly content reading my summer away – next on the list is Back Roads, by Tawni O’Dell. See my reading blog (A Time To Read) for Oprah’s Book Club List, which has become my summer reading list.


From Open House, by Elizabeth Berg:

I wish I believed. I wish I could pray.

I get out of bed and onto my knees, bow my head. Somewhere, a couple lie in bed together holding hands, and they will stay together until one of them dies. They will not hate each other over the breakfast table, they will give thanks for each other’s presence. Somewhere, that is true. This is my prayer.

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