Quote of the day:

Solitude never hurt anyone. Emily Dickinson lived alone, and she wrote some of the most beautiful poetry the world has ever known… then went crazy as a loon. ~ Lisa Simpson

Song of the Day:

A Kiss to Build a Dream On, Louis Armstrong


Workout: Weights (Chest, Triceps, Abs) and Cardio (Stairclimber, 20 minutes, Bike 10 minutes).

Water consumption: 3 Ltrs and I’m still thirsty!

Today, was a good day :). I was up by about 6:30, at the gym by 7. My workout was pretty good, not yet to the “YA! GREAT!” level, but pretty good nontheless. I loved the mood there this morning – the 8ish crowd seem to be in a different frame of mind then my usual crowd – more laid back I guess. Seems to be mostly bored housewives, university students and retired men. Not sure what category I fit into this morning :). After I did my workout I was in the locker room and had a few minutes to kill before picking Tay up at the car dealership (he was dropping his car off) so I called Saskia to remind her I’d be working from home and assign her some stuff to do. As I was hanging up I teasingly told her to tell the rest of the staff not to bother me at home unless it was mucho important and I noticed a woman listening to my conversation. When I replayed my side of the conversation in my head, I realized how it sounded then had a sudden thought, “How did I get here?”

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means I’ve got a good workout in store – my best workouts are always on the weekend. I’m sore tonight though, my arms and chest – thank god tomorrow is leg-day.

Worth-mentioning: I will be weighing in tomorrow but I don’t think I’ve lost anything, I feel like I haven’t. I might even have gained a pound or two – my butt seems particularily traitorous this week, could be the lack of stairclimber??

Friday Five

Summer Must-Haves:

1. The Body Shop, Born Lippy Watermelon Lip Balm

2. Jergens Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Lotion

3. Clinique Glow Crazy in Gold Dust

4. Old Navy Beach Capris

5. OPI Nail Lacquer in Java Mauve-A


From Open House, by Elizabeth Berg:

“Were you crying?”

“No! I’m just tired, you know? I’m going to go home and take a long soak in the tub and then read a big fat book and eat a big fat candy bar. I’m actually pretty excited.”

“What kind of candy bar?”

“I thought I’d stop at CVS and scope it out.”

“Yeah. They have a good selection.”

“I think I’ll get the killer-size Snickers.”


“Well.” I kiss his forehead. “I like them. Aind if I were eating one right now, you would want a bite.”

(I’m loving this book, by the way, I expect that I will have finished it either tonight or tomorrow. Trying to save the remaining pages because there’s nothing better than being submerged in a good book while on the stair climber :). )

Someday, I want to have a conversation like this with my kid – I want to talk to them on their level, to be able to relate to them about the things that matter to them (like chocolate bars), to not be tired and have my words edged with impatience. I hope I remember these things when the time eventually comes.

When I was babysitting at Renu’s today, I had Jagrit in her room while giving him his bottle, and as I sat on her bed, with him laying in my lap, I looked up and caught sight of myself in her mirror and for a second, I didn’t recognize myself. But as I watched the two of us together and I enjoyed how peaceful, how lovely the moment was, I understood that I could do this, and don’t doubt that someday I will :). It’s such a strange, positive feeling to have these little people so dependent on you, such a nice feeling that they just want to be near you. When I was in the kitchen, Jagrit kept toddling in and grabbing onto my pant legs; when I left Jayant in his room to have my lunch he discovered that he too was hungry shortly after (though he’d be resisting the idea of lunch previously ;). If I’ve learned anything about being around kids, it’s that the best thing you can ever give them is your attention :).

At one point, we had to go pick Tay up and drive him over to the car dealership. On the way to my house, from the backseat Jayant asked me if I was going to get married. When I replied that I probably would, someday, he said “Ewwwww.” I told him that his Mom and Dad were married, didn’t he want me to get married as well. His reply to that? NO.


Below this post I’ve added a comments feature. You should be able to click on it and it will open a text box. This allows messages to be left for me – go ahead, try it! Let me know you’re out there ;).

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