Quote of the Day

“I’ve got a good mother, and her voice is what keeps me here.” ~ Good Mother, by Jann Arden

Song of the day:

Good Mother; Jann Arden


Workout: Weights (Back, shoulders and abs) and Cardio (Bike, 15 minutes).

Water consumption: 1.5 Ltr.

My workout today seemed half-hearted, I just didn’t feel into it. That’s one of the reasons I don’t enjoy working out after work, I’m usually so wiped by then, I just want to go home and sit on the couch. I made myself go, and for that I am glad… and now I see that it’s getting late ~ and my plan is to get up tomorrow morning and go to the gym. We’ll see what happens, I guess.

Petty Annoyances

~Whenever I work out, I always have three things with me: a towel, a bottle of water and my book. I usually lay those items right next to where I do my weights – today was no different. Anyhow, was at the rack exchanging my weights (less than 4 feet away) when this chick decides she would work out in my spot. What possesses people to act this way? Am I the only person who thinks the world is an absolutely selfish place? I didn’t say anything to her, but made a big deal of collecting my stuff and moving them. I hope she pulled a muscle doing her sets ;).

In Other News…

So Renu and I keep going back and forth about Helen’s wedding. I’m all for going; she’s undecided. I think she wants to go because it will be a chance for us to go away together – the wedding is in Pembrooke, about a 5 hours drive. That’s very appealing to me too – we’ve never gone away together. We’ve already had the discussion about Jai and the kids – I thought it would be best if they didn’t come; not that it would overly cramp our style, but I think Renu deserves a night away from the kids. Not to mention driving 5 hours there and back in the backseat with a 6yr old and a 1yr old isn’t exactly my idea of fun, as much as I love those two :). For the record, Renu did offer the front seat to me, should the family decide to go.

Anyhow, bout a month ago, Renu decided she wasn’t going. She’s been talking a lot with TLL – and she might not be returning there at the end of her maternity leave – they’ve been hinting to her that she might not have a job to come back to. It’s understandable that she’s hesitant to attend the wedding; it will be awkward for her to be around the TLL partners, and if she’s out of a job, money might be tight. So of course, if Renu’s not going, then I won’t be going. That sounds childish, but really, it’s not – I’ve no interest to drive 10 hours by myself, stay by myself in a hotel and be at a wedding where I will know next to nobody.

So Renu and I were talking more about it today and she said that when she thought about us going away together, she really wanted to go. I told her that Helen had done the seating plan, and we wouldn’t be sitting with the TLL partners – which I think made her happy. I suggested as well that if money was an issue, we’d put the whole thing on my credit card and she could pay me back my share whenever. She was warming up to the idea – we had pretty much decided we would go, she just wanted to talk to Jai one final time.

Anyhow, we were talking tonight and she said she mentioned the wedding to Jai. Before, Jai was like, “Do what you want.” Now, he suddenly doesn’t want her to go. I was teasing Renu, I asked her what would happen if Tay told me not to go. She laughed and said I would tell him to “Fuck off” :). I didn’t say much else, because really there wasn’t much else to say at that point. Their relationship is so vastly different than Tay’s and mine and a lot of other people’s because of their culture, so I always try and consider that. But then I think… they moved to Canada for a reason :). I’m sure Jai thinks I am a bad influence on Renu at times.. We were shopping last weekend and Renu tried on a couple of tops that looked so nice on her, she looked so young and sexy but she wouldn’t get them because she said they were too revealing and that Jai wouldn’t let her wear them. I kept pushing her, but this was one argument I wasn’t going to win. I don’t think Tay has ever told me not to wear something because it was too revealing. I think he doesn’t mind because he’s pretty secure with our relationship and I think he tends to be proud of how I look. The only thing he ever comments on is when I’m wearing capris and that’s cause he doesn’t like them. I can’t imagine he’s possessive of my calfs :).


From Open House, by Elizabeth Berg:

“And the things I really like aren’t fancy at all: old aprons and hankies. Butter wrappers from the one-pound blocks. Peony bushes, hardback books of poetry. And I like things less than that; the sticky remains at the bottom of the apple-crisp dish. The way cats sometimes run sideways. The presence of rainbows in a puddle of oil. Mayonnaise jars. Pussy willows. Wash on a line. The tick-tock of clocks, the blue of the neon sign at the local movie house. The fact that there is a local movie house.”

[ Tue Jul 15, 05:50:18 PM | Marian McAlphin]

Quote of the Day

OooOooo…Tawny is becoming devilish <– Saskia's comment on my plot to seek revenge for the person stealing my parking spot.

Song of the day:

Seargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band; The Beatles

This-or-That Tuesday From July 8, 2003

Summer Potpourri!

1. Strawberries or blueberries? Strawberries

2. “Legally Blonde 2” or “Terminator 3”? Terminator 3

3. Hamburgers or hot dogs? Hamburgers

4. Boating or hiking? Boating

5. Suntan lotion or sunblock? Sunblock

6. “Big Brother” or “The Amazing Race”? The Amazing Race – Go Clowns!! 🙂

7. Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffett? Beach Boys

8. Grow your own produce or buy from supermarket/greengrocer/farm stand? Farm stand

9. Drive with car windows/top down, or with air-conditioning on? Windows down

10. Go away for vacation, or stay at home? Go away to vacation!

Weight Loss

Workout: Nada

Water consumption: 1.5 Ltrs (so far).

My alarm went off this morning at the usual time of 6 am, I got up and made it as far as brushing my teeth before I decided I REALLY didn’t want to do the gym thing. I knew that I had meetings scheduled all day at work and had plans for this evening so I decided to take advantage of an extra hour and a half of sleep. In retrospect, I think that was a good decision :). My goal is to work out six days a week so I don’t feel guilty when I take a day off. Someone once told me before not to beat myself up if I don’t go to the gym one day – because this whole fitness thing is a permanent change in lifestyle, not a temporary one and to remember that I will be back at the gym the next day. Which is true :).

Also – I’m only posting my weight, and lbs lost, once a week. I don’t want to get obsessive about the scale and I think stepping on it every day would only lead to disappointment and then discouragement..so no report today. I can say that I have been eating fairly well this week, all I had so far today was my two slim fast shakes, an apple, a handful of cherries and Subway for dinner. Ya, it was a roast chicken, and a footlong, and with extra mayo, but it was on wheat bread :).

Petty Annoyances

The neighbors continue to irk me, their constant presence on their front porch is getting a little creepy. Some old woman was out there this morning – at 8am, just sitting there. When I got home tonight, there was three of them and their stupid wind up dog who had the nerve to yap at me when I pulled in the driveway. We still have not exchanged any pleasantries whatsoever.

In other news…

Last night while I was making dinner, I received a phone call. We have call display so we’ve gotten really good at avoiding calls from telemarketers. When the phone rang, I saw that it said unknown name but I answered it anyway, simply because I was in a jovial mood. It turned out to be someone calling on behalf of our agency – we launched a telemarketing campaign back in May, and have outsourced to a telemarketing company. So I bit my lip and pretended otherwise and let him do his spiel. When he finally asked me for the donation I confessed to working for the agency :). As we were hanging up, I told him to keep up the good work, he probably thinks I am a geek :). I think it was smart to handle the call that way tho, we’ve been getting some complaints lately so it was refreshing to get a positive call. In other related tidbits – someone left a message at work today saying they wanted to donate a car to us…(?). Update pending…

$75 to give my opinion

I’m registered to attend a focus group this evening for HBC – we’re going to talk about shopping. I was on the list of potential participants because I have a Bay credit card. It starts at 8:30, lasts a couple of hours and I will be paid $75. I told Tay that I should try and be a very unique candidate so that they put me on their list more often – I could do focus groups for a living!! 🙂 (By the way, I’ve already spent the $75 – will have to put it on my Visa to help pay for the shopping spree on the weekend… not to mention the new sandals that I bought last night :).

Stay tuned…

I’m going to create a new blog to record some of my daily writings. I’ll post the link when it’s up and running. –> It’s there! Find it at http://ediblewoman.blogspot.com/. You can also get to it at the link on the upper right hand side, called Putting Pen to Paper.

[ Mon Jul 14, 09:35:28 PM | Marian McAlphin]

From Open House, by Elizabeth Berg:

“He returned to the paper, and I returned to lying on the sofa, to falling down an elevator shaft.”

Page four and I’m already hooked.

[ Mon Jul 14, 09:35:28 PM | Marian McAlphin]

Quote of the day:

Pain is temporary, results are forever <– on the back of a t-shirt at the gym.

Song of the day:

Some Kind of Wonderful; The Drifters

Random thought:

Why do some parents push their kids to succeed (ie. forcing university on them) only to hold their success against them at a later date?

Weight Loss

Today’s Weight: 165 😦

Lbs to goal: 8

Weight lost: 11lbs

Workout: Weights (Chest, triceps and abs) and Cardio (Bike, 15 minutes).

Water consumption: 1 Ltr (so far).

I’ve decided to try running again – started up yesterday while at the gym. Jumped back into the running program that I started in the fall, which is running for so many minutes and then alternating with walking. I started at 5 minutes, which meant I walked 2 minutes, ran 5 minutes, walked 2 minutes etc. I only did 3 running sets because I’m a wuss :). I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a runner, but it was one of my new year’s resolutions, so I should at least try – plus I have a really cool running suit that I got for Xmas that I would like to use ;). Anyhow, my plan is to run on days when I do leg weights, which is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and then do lighter cardio on my upperbody weight days, like bike or step for 10-15 minutes. Can I also say for the record that I DETEST pushups – trying to tone my chest so I did some, but only managed 3 sets of 5. WUSS!! 🙂

I’ve also started up with Slimfast again – it seems to be what works for me – takes the weight off and it’s so little hassle. I’m about to have my lunch shake as a matter of fact! 🙂

Worth-mentioning: Went shopping on the weekend as I seem to have NO clothes – a lot of my stuff no longer fits me properly which is a good thing :). Purchased the following: Gap pants (M) and shirt (M), Esprit skirt (9) and blouse (9), Esprit skirt (L) and top (S) ~Esprit seems to have inconsistent sizing ;), Old Navy Beach Capris (12) and tank (L). I’m liking shopping at Esprit and the Gap lately, they seem to have kinder sizes 🙂 :). Felt really good about the shopping experience as I had to get smaller sizes,14 no longer seems to be a consideration. Hoorah!!

Petty Annoyances

It’s Monday.. there seems to be a lot of them:

~ On the way to work, I tried to skirt a big cement truck and then get in front of him to get on the ramp to the highway. He SAW me trying to get in front of him and he sped up!! I suppose I deserved it, being impatient and all, but still… grrrrr.

~ After getting on the highway, got stuck in traffic – there was an accident further up that closed down 2 of the 5 lanes. While creeping along, someone in a Rent-a-van HAD to get in my lane, wedged himself in a gap where there literally was NO gap. I honked at him – so did other people ;). Said traffic meant I was 30 minutes late for work.

~Arrived to work to discover that someone had parked in my spot. It’s not officially my spot, but EVERYONE knows that I park there. Grrrrrr.

[ Sun Jul 13, 06:37:22 PM | Marian McAlphin]

I did the daily writing prompt at Toasted-Cheese, the idea was to walk around the block and then write about something you saw. I decided to write about our annoying new neighbors instead; it seems like everytime I open my front door they are up to something, and yes, it’s annoying.

The new neighbors arrived in early June, replacing neighbors who were also annoying. These old neighbors twice called the city and reported us for things that were essentially none of their business. The first being that our back patio was too high, the second being that our grass in the back yard was too long. We don’t know for certain that it was them that filed the complaint, but the probablilty is fairly high. Our landlord told us that prior to our moving in, neighbor A had offered buy the house from our landlord and he had turned them down. So we sense a bit of resentment floating over the fence and therefore quite possibly the motivation for the reports. Anyhow, after living next to them for over four years and finally resigning ourselves to at least tolerating them, they decided to move. They were there one day, gone the next, they left in broad daylight but as far as our relationship goes, they could have snuck away in the dark of night for the amount of goodbyes we exchanged ;).

So then, enter Neighbors B to the scene. The first thing they do is chop down the huge tree that grows right next to their front porch. Our front porch faces their, they are literally less than 6 feet apart from each other so I had become slightly attached to said tree. It was especially lovely in the winter time, encrusted in ice, and in the summertime, when it’d be in full bloom and birds used to sing from it. Not only did they chop it down, but they uprooted the tree from the ground and planted stupid flowers there instead. As far as I’m concerned, this act is total blasphemy and grounds for non-communication with myself and neighbors B.

A few weeks later, my sister comes home from work and announces that Neighbors B are having a party in their driveway. I raise an eyebrow at this, and question if she means on the front step. She says no, in their driveway. Apparently, there is a bunch of people sitting in lawnchairs in their driveway. Neighbors B are very weird; they seem to prefer their driveway or their front step which is basically just a slab of concrete, unlike the rest of the neighborhood who seem perfectly content with their patios or backyards. With the exception of the neighbor down the street who has put a decorative bench off to the side at the end of his driveway; I see him sitting on his bench in the early evening, sometimes he is eating ice cream from a bowl.

About a week ago, as I was going to bed, Tay tells me the grass has been mowed. He has been on a grass-kick this summer, treating it with weed-killer and pesticides and mowing it at intervals so that it doesn’t get dried out. The whole grass thing is reminding me of Hank Hill from King of The Hill, it is all very funny to me. So I open the door to investigate and sure enough, the grass has been cut, but worse then that, it has been sheared. Because our front yard borders the neighbors, when he decided to mow his lawn, he decided that he would also mow our lawn. I am not sure if he is trying to be neighborly or what, but Tay thinks neighbor B is just too impatient and rather than wait for us to handle our grass, he has taken the liberty of doing so himself. So Tay is pissed and I don’t blame him – I’ve encouraged him to have words. (This whole grass cutting issue arose with Neighbors A, Tay finally told them to lay off the grass that he prefers to do it himself).

Then, just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse:

I arrived home from shopping yesterday, had a late lunch and was in my study doing some stuff on the computer when I heard this really odd, steady whacking-like noise. I got up to investigate, thinking it was coming from inside the house (sometimes the fish tank makes a weird noise that is similiar). going down the stairs I realized it was coming from outside the house; opened the door to discover that a car alarm has been set off – and the car is in our neighbors driveway. Even better; there is no sign of our neighbors car – apparently, them and their guest have gone off somewhere. Also, from outside, the car alarm sounded less like a whacking noise, and more like a dysfunctional sprinkler. Very weird.

I had to spend the rest of the afternoon upstairs in my study, listening to music to drown out the noice. When Tay arrived home around 8:30 the alarm was still going off (4 hours later). He tried knocking on the neighbors door, but as I had assumed earlier, there was no one there. We spent the evening in the TV room, drowning out the sound but when I went to answer the phone around 11pm, the alarm was STILL going off. We went to bed at 12:30ish, the alarm had been silenced by then. I have a feeling that we are now not the only ones in the neighborhood who dislike Neighbors B.

[ Sun Jul 13, 04:20:23 PM | Marian McAlphin]

From Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald:

“Lily’s hand glows red around the Bakelite Virgin – conductive scarlet threads beneath the line of life, of fate, heart and mind, her palm bleeding light.”

There was another snippet from Fall On Your Knees that had stilled me and I had dog-eared the page. When I went to reread it, the page had turned itself back up and of course, amongst 566 pages, it is impossible to recover.

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